FAQ for merchants

What is My Art Concierge?

My Art Concierge is the worlds first hand painted art drop shipping company. We do not do Print on Demand, we do Paint on Demand.

Does My Art Concierge frame paintings?

Yes! Frames are an important part of what makes art ART. My Art Concierge has a variety of frames of different price ranges for you to offer your customers.

How do I make sure my customers are happy with their paintings?

The My Art Concierge platform was built with the knowledge and experience from nearly a decade of online art sales. Our system will automatically notify your customer that his or her painting is complete and send them a photo of the piece. Your customer will at this moment have the opportunity to accept the piece and proceed to have it shipped or to request that the artist makes edits to the painting.

How many artists does My Art Concierge work with?

My Art Concierge works with a global network of over 100 artists. Our artists are specialized in a variety of different panting styles from portraiture, to landscape, to abstract and paintings of objects. Rest assured that whatever your art style, we will line up your orders with an artist that is comfortable with your pieces. Making sure that you, your customers and our artists are happy is what we are all about.

The sizes of paintings that I want to offer customers is not available on My Art Concierge, can I sell other custom sizes?

In our current system, we have preset sizes. These sizes are based on the most popular customer requests sizes. If you are looking for different sizes, please reach out to us at hello@myartconcierge.com

I just sold my first painting on my website, how does the process work now?

Congratulations! The first painting is the most exciting one! You have already done most of the work. Now you just relax and wait as our artists paint your piece. Once your painting is finished, our system will send an email to your client to make sure they are happy with the painting or whether they would like to request edits. The email will be sent from <YOURSHOP>@myartconcierge.com

How does pricing work?

Pricing is fairly straightforward. We charge you according to the size and number of people in a piece. If you are selling paintings without people, such as a landscape, you will be charged as if it was a 1 person painting. You are able to set your own pricing depending on the kind of customer you are targeting. Our system lets you easily set your profit margin with prices automatically updating themselves in your Shopify store.

Can My Art Concierge provide me with time-lapse videos of paintings being made for marketing purposes?

We certainly can. At My Art Concierge, our goal is to make sure that you sell as many paintings as you can possibly can. Visual videos help with this process. For the small price of $180, My Art Concierge, will film the process of painting your piece from start to finish, as well as edit the video so that it looks nice with your store name and logo. We definitely recommend stores that are just starting out to order one of these videos as it will help you with your Facebook and Instagram ads. Content is King.

Does My Art Concierge charge a set up fee?

No! My Art Concierge is free to install. We only charge you for paintings sold.

Does My Art Concierge provide marketing consultations?

Depending on your needs My Art Concierge would be happy to help you in your journey as an International Art Dealer. Please reach out to us at hello@myartconcierge.com and let us know how we can help.

How do I make sure customers are happy with their paintings?

My Art Concierge has built our system to save you time and to make sure your customers are happy. As soon as your painting is complete, our system will send your customer an email asking whether they are happy with their piece or whether they would like to request edits to it. If your customer requests edits, our artist will touch up the painting accordingly and send another email with a photo of the edited piece until your customer is happy. Once approved, your painting will ship to your customer. All paintings ship with a tracking number.

Where does My Art Concierge ship?

My Art Concierge ships globally. Regardless of where your customer is, we will reach them. Our goal is to spread art to the four corners of the world.

Can My Art Concierge white label my paintings?

Yes, My Art Concierge will white label your paintings. MAC will insert a letter on your behalf into each painting when shipped to your customers. If you would like to add stickers or flyers into the packaging, please let us know.

What is My Art Concierge refund policy?

If your customer requests to cancel the order after it has been placed and that we have already started the painting. We will refund you the cost of shipping. We are unable to refund the cost of the painting if it has already been started.

How are the paintings made? Are they printed?

My Art Concierge hand paints each work of art. Currently we are only working with oil paints, however we will be introducing watercolour paintings and artists in the near future.

I just downloaded the app to my Shopify store, what now?

Congratulations! You are about to embark on a new journey. Your next steps are to upload your product images, select the sizes and frames that you wish to offer and select your profit margin. If you are more of a visual person, please visit the following page for a video step by step. We are excited to start working together.

Do you ship internationally?

We certainly do :) Please note that in some countries, customers will be charged duty. There is unfortunately nothing we can do about it, it is just a part of being an International Art Dealer. Please make sure to let your customers know.

How do I get billed?

As soon as an order comes through in your system, it will be lined up with an artist who will get started on the piece within 24-48hours. Once an artist has picked up your order and started painting the piece, you will be charged. Billing through the Shopify system will charge your account for the total amount once a month. My Art Concierge does not charge a month fee. You only pay for what you sell!

What kind of paintings can I sell with My Art Concierge? What Art Niches do you suggest setting up shop in?

You can sell anything. There are so many unexplored niches in the art world with passionate fans that are just waiting to be targeted by your Facebook and Instagram ads. Here are a few examples of potential niches and customers to target.

  • Fisherman: People who fish always take photos of themselves with their big catch. Why not immortalize those moments with a painting of themselves holding their prized catch? Fisher wasn’t that big? Well, our artists can increase the size of the catch.

  • Wedding photographer: Are you a wedding photographer? Think your clients would like a hand painted piece of art based on one of your photos to hang in their new home? If the answer is yes, you know what to do.

  • Car aficionados: Some people LOVE cars. They might love classic cars, modern cars or their own car. Sell paintings of cars! You could select a variety of classic cars or set up a website where clients send in photos of their cars and have them painted!

There are hundreds of niches that you can work with!

When shipping internationally, will customers be charged a duty import fee?

Yes. Please note that for the USA and Australia, there are no import duties. For countries within the EU and for other South American countries, there are import duties that will be charged to customers upon delivery. The amount is usually around 20-30$ depending on the size of the piece ordered.

How long do paintings take to make? How long do customers expect to wait before receiving their piece?

Paintings take 0-2 days to be lined up with an artist. About 7 days to paint and a few extra days to dry. We recommend telling your customers that they will receive a photo of the painting in their email approximately 14 days after their order. If your customer has decided to order a rolled painting, shipping takes 5-7 business days from the moment they confirm that their painting is OK to ship. If your client ordered a framed piece, they will need to wait an additional 2-3 weeks depending on where in the World they are located.

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